Ace that interview

Research has proven that people make their mind up about someone in the first few seconds of meeting with them. So it’s best to get off to a good start from the outset.

Your overall presentation and how you project yourself will be scrutinised. From the initial firm handshake to the conclusion of interview, it is vital to embody the perfect fit for the role you pursue and for the company you wish to join.

Establishing personal chemistry at the interview is a powerful tool in convincing an interviewer that you belong – remember that the organisation is seeking to present itself as an attractive employer to you, too.

Find out as much information as possible about your prospective employer in advance. A lack of research only demonstrates a lack of respect for the employer and your career. Many companies now have websites which are packed with information. Take time and familiarise yourself with their mission statements, past performance, future goals and current analyst ratings.

At the interview, highlight your career achievements that demonstrate both relevant qualifications for the position as set out in the job description and competencies, as well as a breadth of experiences that reveals more of you as person and how you might add real value to the role. Be ready to turn negatives into positives, for instance, by illustrating how a weakness recognised earlier in your career was addressed. If you are requested to list some failures or mistakes, ensure you offer proper examples but present them as historical experiences which have been beneficial but not repeated in your professional development.
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