Before the Interview


On The Day, Interview


During The interview


After Interview

After Interview

  • Find out from the interviewer when you will hear from them on the interview outcome
  • Thank the interviewer
  • Do not be discouraged if the employer does not make an on-the-spot offer. Interviewers will need to interview more candidates before making a decision.
  • Treat every interview as a learning experience.

If You Receive A Job Offer

  • Understand job duties and responsibilities in greater detail
  • Obtain an official job offer letter stating the terms and conditions of employment as well as details of:
    • Salary
    • Benefits (e.g., medical and leave entitlement)
    • Work days per week and working hours
  • The time, date, location and supervisor to report to on the first day of work

Turning Down A Job Offer

  • Reject the offer tactfully. Maintaining a good relationship is helpful for future networking purposes

During The interview